Applicant Tracking System


ATS has been designed and developed to streamline all the processes and automate the manual tasks which result in fewer errors, increased productivity & increased client satisfaction.

Integrating with the job portals APIs helps reduce the need for multiple user ids to 3rd party portals. Every candidate search gets done against the company’s own local database prior to hitting job portals resulting in a substantial reduction of hits to third party job portals.

Candidate search running on Artificial Intelligence ensures vacancies are filled up fast. Bulk mail feature reaches out to a large pool of staffing market participants and keeps them engaged.

Proper access controls are implemented to prevent unauthorized access to data. Dashboard and customized reports are prepared for management, employees as well as clients to get access to the information they need.

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round 1
Invoice Management

AI Search

It facilitates filling up vacant positions quickly by remembering past searches

round 2
Role-based Accessibility

Job Portal Integration

Reduce the need for multiple ids to different job portals & search thoroughly within local database

round 3
Candidate Inventory

Custom Dashboard

Management, employees & clients can get access to the specific information they require

round 4
Report generation

Automated search

Eliminate human errors by automating sorting & shortlisting from a large number of resumes

round 5
Document Integration

Bulk Mailing

Keep a large number of possible candidates engaged & well informed in the staffing process

round 6
Email Notification

Data Security

Prevent unauthorized access to sensitive data through stringent access control systems in place

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Testimonial 1
Rikesh, owner of small business (NJ, USA) (PA, USA)

I have been using ATS to fill up a large number of open positions in the last 1 year. It has helped my team move fast & work smarter.

Testimonial 2
Ms. Oliver Advantage Resourcing (Massachusetts, USA)

As an IT Staffing company, we struggled to find the best tool that would actually work for us. With ATS, we have found the perfect app & our clients are quite satisfied.

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