Automotive Engineering

With the emergence of IoT, it is possible to develop smart cars which make the car riding experience better & more comfortable. It will be possible to keep a check on important parameters such as fuel & engine. Data collected by the manufacturers can be used to resolve issues that create better cars.

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Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) applications

These apps let smart vehicles communicate with each other critical information such as speed, road condition, temperature, etc. This helps to prevent accidents & make driving safer as well as enjoyable.

Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) applications

It allows smart vehicles to interact with infrastructure present on roads. This keeps drivers better informed on essential things such as road conditions, congestion points & parking.

Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication applications

Any information that is relevant is shared between a vehicle & the relevant smart device. It includes all interactions such as communication among vehicles or with the network, infrastructure, pedestrians, devices & grids.




Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

These systems help drivers drive safely by alerting them of likely dangers. These help to reduce human errors & prevent accidents or collisions. As per the improvement in technology, there are currently 3 types of such systems.


These use cameras installed in different parts of the car to detect people & things.

Radio Detection And Ranging or RAdio Direction And Ranging (RADAR)based

This system has a wider range, can work effectively in bad weather conditions & pinpoint the speed & location of objects.

Light Detection Imaging and Ranging (LIDAR)based

It is the most advanced technology which prepares an accurate 3D map of a wide area surrounding the vehicle.



Automotive CAD Capabilities


Industrial design and styling

We create upcoming automotive designs with our fully-integrated manufacturing and design solution.


Design of Interior and Exterior parts

At SoftSages Technology, we use Catia GSD Workbench to create quality designs of the exterior and interior automotive parts


Scanning and reverse engineering

The 3-D scanners enable reverse engineering to analyze, re-create, and reproduce objects.


Parametric Part modeling and CAD customization

We capture design using curtailment and features that allow us to automate palindrome changes.

Virtual Modelling


Virtual reality visualization

Hold to adjust a display that creates a realistic display system, allowing you to swim into 3 dimensions virtually.


Preliminary feasibility studies

We ensure whether our notion satisfies the objective for a particular project.


Virtual Aerodynamics studies


Reduced size and scale mock-ups

We offer improved processes that reduce schedule, improve quality and cut-cost, and test how assemblies perform alone.

Automotive CAE Capabilities


Product optimization and weight reduction


Product validation using alternate materials


External vehicle aerodynamics


Mechanism simulation and multi-body dynamics