Airport Authority Case Study

Background Information

MWAA (Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority) is a prominent organization responsible for overseeing the administration, operation, and capital improvement of two major airports in the mid-Atlantic region - Washington Dulles International Airport and Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport. As an autonomous body established with the approval of the US Congress, MWAA operates as a self-sufficient business. The organization offers both local and international air services, making it a crucial transportation hub in the region.


The purpose of this case study is to highlight the staffing solutions provided to MWAA by Softsages. The case study aims to showcase the successful implementation of recruitment practices to fulfill MWAA's specific job requirements. The key objectives include providing on-site candidates for specialized roles involving weekend work and work outside normal business hours, achieving high submission and conversion ratios, and maintaining excellent technical support services.

Our Goal

MWAA required on-site resources for various job roles that involved weekend work and non-standard business hours. The challenges were to source candidates who were not only technically competent but also willing to work on-site and handle level-1 and level-2 escalations. The agency needed to maintain a high submission and conversion ratio while meeting MWAA's specific demands.


To address MWAA's staffing requirements, we established dedicated teams exclusively focused on providing recruitment services for the organization. These teams followed best recruitment practices to identify the right candidates for the roles. We prioritized timely delivery and matched the roles with the best available talent in the industry, adhering to MWAA's unique needs.

Solutions and Strategies

We employed a stringent screening process to ensure the quality of candidates submitted to MWAA. The focus was on avoiding unproductive submissions and presenting only the most suitable candidates to the hiring managers. By maintaining a high level of candidate evaluation, we aimed to help MWAA make informed decisions and improve overall efficiency.


The implementation of the staffing solutions involved close collaboration between MWAA and Softsages. Dedicated teams worked in tandem to understand MWAA's job requirements and identified suitable candidates with the necessary skill sets and availability for on-site work. We ensured that the submitted candidates met the specified criteria and had the potential to excel in handling technical support services and escalations.

Results and Outcomes

The implemented staffing solutions yielded positive outcomes for MWAA. The quality of candidate sourcing improved significantly, resulting in a higher level of satisfaction with the presented candidates. The screening process proved to be effective, minimizing unproductive submissions and enabling better decision-making by hiring managers. As a result, the conversion ratio for successful placements surpassed 90%, reflecting the Softsages’ commitment to excellence.


This case study illustrates the successful staffing solutions provided by Softsages to MWAA, a prominent organization managing two major airports in the mid-Atlantic region. By allocating dedicated teams and adhering to best recruitment practices, the agency achieved exceptional results in fulfilling MWAA's specific on-site job requirements. The collaboration between Softsages and MWAA showcased the importance of meticulous candidate screening, leading to a higher conversion ratio and overall efficiency in the recruitment process. The success of this endeavor not only contributed to the financial growth but also enhanced our reputation as a reliable and competent service provider in the industry.

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