Streamlining IT Recruitment Processes

Background Information

This client was located in Clearwater, FL, and is governed by the Board of County Commissioners and comprises five constitutional offices. The county primarily provides essential services to unincorporated areas, including local road maintenance, construction permits, plan reviews, surface water treatment, code enforcement, and law enforcement. To effectively interact with residents and ensure seamless operations, the county collaborates with various departments, including the Board of County Commissioners, County Administrators, County Departments, and Media Departments.


The main objectives include addressing the challenges faced during the onboarding process of successful hires, specifically related to fingerprint scans executed by law enforcement agencies. The case study will also focus on showcasing the implementation of dedicated teams and best recruitment practices to serve the county's staffing needs effectively.

Problem Statement

The client encountered a significant challenge in completing the onboarding process for successful hires, particularly for candidates who were non-Florida residents. The process involved obtaining fingerprint scans from law enforcement agencies, which took approximately 6-8 weeks to complete. This delay posed operational inefficiencies and hindered the timely onboarding of valuable candidates. To mitigate this issue, we devised self-corrective measures and provided alternative solutions to ensure a smoother onboarding process within the stipulated time frame.


To address the onboarding challenges faced by the client, we allocated dedicated teams to focus on providing tailored staffing solutions for the organization. These teams diligently followed best recruitment practices, which involved meticulous candidate screening and evaluation. The primary focus was on sourcing local talent to expedite the onboarding process, as fingerprint clearances for Florida residents were relatively quicker compared to non-residents.

Solutions and Strategies

To overcome the onboarding delay, we adopted a proactive approach. The agency prioritized sourcing local talent to expedite the process for successful candidates who were Florida residents. Additionally, we worked closely with the client's HR and law enforcement departments to streamline the necessary procedures and documentation. A thorough screening of candidates was conducted to ensure that only the most qualified and suitable individuals were presented to the hiring managers.


The dedicated teams efficiently communicated with the county's HR and law enforcement departments to gather the required information and documentation. The emphasis was on providing the right matches at the right time, ensuring seamless integration of new hires into their respective roles.

Results and Outcomes

The implemented staffing solutions yielded positive outcomes for the client. By sourcing local talent and streamlining the onboarding process, we significantly reduced the time taken to complete the necessary fingerprint scans. As a result, the county experienced improved efficiency in hiring and onboarding successful candidates. The thorough screening process also contributed to higher satisfaction among hiring managers, enabling them to make informed decisions.


By allocating dedicated teams and implementing best recruitment practices, we addressed the onboarding challenges effectively. The proactive approach of sourcing local talent and collaborating closely with the county's departments ensures a smoother and more timely onboarding process. The success of this endeavor not only contributed to the client's operational efficiency but also reinforced Softsages' reputation as a reliable and competent service provider in the staffing domain.

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