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Digital Marketing Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO refers to a set of activities approved by Search Engines that help to put your website on the top of the organic search results for particular keywords. This will bring in more visibility & help your business grow online.

The main motive of any search engine is to provide the most relevant results to the query made by the user. It is due to this reason that the search engines keep updating their algorithms in order to improve their process.

While there are many ways that people use in order to improve their SEO rankings, it is advisable to follow only White SEO techniques in order to have a long-term success. These include publishing quality & relevant content, having an easy to use & navigate website & being responsive to different devices.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Due to the popularity & wide reach of social media websites, your business can connect with its target audience & grow much faster than through traditional marketing methods. Enabling your company reach out to potential clients & make them aware about your business offerings. Existing clients can be informed about new products, sales, promotions or any such information or development. Thus, it helps you to build long-term relationships & adds a human touch to your business.

It is also a great medium to get feedback from your clients & understand what your target audience actually want. This helps to provide better & customized service along with building loyalty.

From SEO perspective, social media can provide a boost which ultimately helps boost the rankings of your website. Any business, big or small can benefit from this as it is very cost effective. As it provides equal opportunities for new, small & local businesses, this makes it a level playing field to all players.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Also known as Paid Search, it is an Internet Marketing strategy where a business pays a certain fee to the search engine only if its ads get clicked. There is a bidding process for placing ads for the keywords of your choice. These ads are placed above the organic search results for that particular keyword. This is a useful way to get traffic to your website while you work on SEO that will bring in organic traffic.

If used properly, PPC helps you reach out to your target audience easily. The key is to able to select the keywords which are the most relevant to your business & bid for them. After that, you can put up a text ad or a shopping ad or a display ad. The type of ad you put up will vary according to your objective. Consequently you will have to pay only if anybody clicks on your ad.

It is a good practice to keep reviewing your strategy on a regular basis so that your money is spent on keywords which are actually used by your target audience.

Online Reputation Management (ORM)

As a business, you would like that there is a positive image of your business on the Internet as most people are relying more & more on it to find out about any business they wish to deal with. Building a reputation needs time while a few negative experiences can destroy it easily.

It is quite common for the few unhappy & disgruntled clients to post about their bad experiences on social media. This can have adverse effects on your business even if most of the time your clients have had good experience. However, getting negative feedback is also necessary in order to be able to improve.

Thus, through Online Reputation Management practices, we work on building a good reputation online. It starts with dealing with negative reviews & ensuring that the issues get resolved satisfactorily. The key is to find out the reason behind the dissatisfaction. You will need to respond to such clients in a professional & polite manner.

Content Marketing (CM)

The most effective way to convey your message to your target audience is through effective Content Marketing. This means any type of content which is relevant to your business can be a marketing tool. Some common examples include website content, emails, blogs, videos, podcasts, infographics as well as social media posts.

Compelling content can create awareness & also compel your target website to find out more about your business. It is an important part of SEO strategy as the search engines look for the most relevant answer to the user’s questions.

Having a well thought out plan in order to be able to make use of content marketing is vital due to the information overload that most people face. The focus of successful content marketers is to identify the most appropriate topics, create compelling content & keep posting on a regular basis.

Digital Marketing

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