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Embedded hardware & firmware

Embedded hardware & firmware

Embedded hardware are microprocessors and microcontrollers which are integrated into the hardware for performing certain functions. Allowing low-level control over hardware through embedded software is called firmware. Together they both are integrated to form an embedded system used to power IoT. Examples include ATM machines, security systems, digital cameras, traffic lights, anti-lock braking systems & airbag control system.

Based on Function

Standalone embedded systems- Such systems simply work as per input & function independently on their own. The input can be either digital or analog which is then processed to produce the final result through the output. In today’s fast-evolving environment, mobile technology has seen huge growth in recent years. With the increasing use of laptops, tablets & smartphones, businesses need to create and maintain multiple applications across various platforms and keep them secure. Due to ease of usage, mobile phones are the most used device to access the Internet & gather information.

Real-time embedded systems- These types of systems provided the output within a certain deadline. In some cases, the deadline need not be followed strictly & are known as Soft Real-Time Embedded Systems. But if a task needs to be done within the time, they are Hard Real-Time Embedded Systems.

Networked embedded systems- A system that is connected with wireless/wired network interfaces (such as the Internet or LAN or WAN) to get acquire resources.

Mobile embedded systems- Found in portable devices, these systems have a wide range & are quite popular.

Based on Microprocessor

Small scale embedded systems- Containing 8 or 16 bit, these systems have hardware of less complexity. Due to this reason, these can be easily operated with a battery.

Medium-scale embedded systems- It uses one or 16- or 32-bit microcontrollers/ digital signal processor (DSP)/reduced instruction set computer (RISC). Both hardware & software are complex.

Complex/ Sophisticated embedded systems- As these systems are used for complex tasks, they have complex software & large amount of hardware.

Embedded hardware & firmware