Phew! 2020 imprinted an unforgettable memory in our minds! Happily, 2021 has rolled in on a superb tone, expecting to give us a breath of fresh air! So, what is cooking in 2021?

This blog relates to comparing the pre-COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 global economy. Will remote hiring and remote work continue to be our new regular? Will D.E.I. remain to be among the top-5 hiring and trends of 2021? How upskilling will impact the global hiring norms in 2021?

SoftSages Technology, a WMBE certified I.T. company headquartered in Malvern, Pennsylvania, offers its world-class CMMI Level 3 staffing services. We examined our top human resources portals like Dice and Monster to solve this riddle by churning out the latest data and get a broader picture of the top-5 hiring and trends in 2021.

Let us not fiddle around when Rome burns and churn each of them, one by one:

Trend 1: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: How SoftSages is committed to inclusive human rights?

Big recruiters like that of Amazon, Adobe, Accenture, H.C.L., and even T.C.S. are at a big-time high alert on D.E.I. hiring trend during COVID. Pat Wadors, HR Head at LinkedIn, says – “When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become a wiser, more inclusive, and better organization.”

As per the 2020 reports, 87% of the zoomers and centennials prefer joining a D.E.I. compliant firm, as it is one of their primary motivating factors. D.E.I. is undoubtedly one of the hot topics that force hiring champions to define who and how they want to be.

Aman Rastogi, Director, SoftSages Technology, is dedicated to accentuating its commitment to D.E.I. to the jobseekers. Let us explore the possible solutions:

S.E.O. and S.E.M.

Showcasing the employee resource group, having D.E.I. focused taskforce in the firm, LGBTQ community building, employer branding solutions, career site design, and implementation can surely help allure the candidates to your diverse and inclusive work environment.

Infographic videos

Aspirants love transparency. Infographics and videos aptly ensure that. Recording, editing, and publishing videos of the recruitment processes on social-media handles induce trustworthiness and vibrancy to your D.E.I. efforts. Are you still waiting?

Employer branding

From the career site optimization to social media platforms, the right employer branding strategy strengthens its employer value proposition. Effective D.E.I. messaging, acknowledging the status of your work culture helps sweep the suitable candidates. Start today!

Inclusive advertising

Inclusive advertisement is the face of a firms’ inclusiveness. Does your job post showcase the option of the candidates’ ‘pseudo’ names and their pronouns, besides their legal names? Do you ask for ‘gender’ rather than sex? Have you replaced the category of ‘other’ with ‘non-binary’? Get ahead as these are short keys to your company’s long-term goals.

Inclusive perks

Pays, perks, and benefits reflect a company’s inclusive vision. Is ‘domestic partner coverage’ a part of your benefits package? Do you cover ‘gender-affirming surgeries’ under your medical and health insurance? Remote work, floating holidays, paid parental leaves, and flexible work schedules picture your inclusive storyline in the candidate’s mind during interviews.


Defense veterans are a pool of multi-level talent. Employing them under an unprecedented category inculcates diversity among teams and departments. Reports suggest that ‘75% of the military spouses found it challenging to land a job after the relocation. 1:3 veteran revealed that it is tedious to bag a job that takes consideration of their military lifestyle. Be the game-changer and incorporate diversity as one of the top hiring and trends in 2021 in your company.

Trend 2: Remote work

With remote work driving the workforce of most of the global businesses during COVID, I wonder, sitting at my desk, if it will continue to be the ‘IN’ factor in 2021 too? Controversial rumors are also making the rounds that companies think to pay fewer wages to remote workers based on their location! How will salaries be compensated for areas with a higher cost-of-living index then? Let’s put our binoculars on.

Tweaking salaries

Facebook founder and C.E.O. Mark Zuckerberg reported- “We pay a market rate that varies by location, and we’re going to continue that principle here.” Tweaking the salaries of your workers might save you more money but may result in losing star-performers midway. Adjustments in leaves might also create employee’s devaluation concerns.


Is it feasible to pay an I.T. Engineer from Dallas who produces 5000 new line-of-codes more than an I.T. Engineer from St. Paul who produces 7000 new line-of-codes? Dave Denaro, Vice president of career management firm Keystone Partners, says – “It gets problematic.” Analysis reveals that companies tend to pay more to business-oriented and productive employees, despite any geographical parameters.

Be fair

Tell me honestly! How would you feel if I pay you less and your counterpart more for the same work? Hurtful. If companies had to cut pay-cheques regionally, it would take me a moment to draft a clear picture of whose’ how much? Who’s no.1 in the race, and who’s the last. Boom! Controversial, huh? Snagging someone at the lower end of the pay-rate budget based on the office or remote work terms is suggested.

Workspace relocation

Saving some extra bucks by shifting the H.Q. workspace to a cheaper yet business-friendly city while keeping the salary break-ups untouched could be an ideal solution.

Trend 3: Reskilling and Upskilling

You are about to roll-up your eyes! The fact is that one of every four U.S. employees is searching for a job! So tomorrow may see a quarter of your company resigning!

The latest employer data also suggests that 57% of the communication skills, 54% of Leadership skills, 50% of the Proactive thinking, and 45% of the agility/adaptability/ability to pivot were lacking in their employees. 81% of employees and 91% of employers reported that reskilling and upskilling training immensely boosted their productivity.

Agreed! We are in a period where online training is indispensable to survive corporate demands! It is no more an option. Employees enjoy it, employers exploit it, trending times demand it!

Trend 4: Are online jobs safe?

Studies say – “Remote work is providing ample opportunities for cybercriminals. 73% of the interviews conducted on C.I.O.s and C.O.O.s stated that – “In the light of the global pandemic, our organization’s security and the network is struggling due to added business demands.”

The most challenging 2020 pandemic created unforeseen security gaps in the network mesh. Unsecured networks at our homes, modern BYOD (bring-your-own-device) strategy, and siloed operations posed invisibility on the earlier visible threats to the corporate networks. It jeopardizes the confidentiality, safety, and security of the businesses. Hence, workplaces are significantly assured and among the top hiring and trends of 2021.

Trend 5: Gig Economy

Gig workers are at an all-time high demand due to buzzing remote work. The widespread economic unrest is embracing the temporary and contract workers, like never. So, what do you think? Will gig economy- temp workers, contractors, and freelancers bag their rank among the top hiring trends of 2021?

Recent survey data suggests that 92% of respondents are looking into the gig economy. Among those, 57% prefer to gig in-between their jobs, while 52% prefer to gig under long term contracts with flexible hours. 39% desire for temp work or short-term contracts and are trending among job searches.

Laconically, no one predicted the hiring and trends right for 2020 as we couldn’t foresee the COVID-19 pandemic, nor one can imagine precisely ever. Sure-thing is that a dynamic and robust job market waits for 2021 once the ball of COVID-19 vaccines starts rolling. Improved revenue, prompting hiring, and trends of 2021 are here to grow.

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Until next time.

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