Financial Services & Insurance

The financial services industry constitutes the largest group of companies in the world in terms of earnings and equity market capitalization.

Data plays an important role in these sectors. SoftSages provide effective data management solutions to this sector in its growth in healthy pace and diversification. As new ways of doing business is evolving in this sector, Apptad support its customer by proving solution using new technology e.g. Business Analytics & Intelligence, Big data solutions and management.

Financial Overview

A wide varieties of services across the financial services spectrum are:

  • Retail Banking
  • Front, Middle and Back Office Solutions
  • Transaction & Application processing
  • Wealth Management
  • Mortgage
  • Trade finance
  • Credit & Operations
  • Risk Management
  • Mobile Payments


Digital approach is sweeping the retail industry.

"Digital Customer Connection" is the hotspot in retail industry today. Consumers today are much better informed and more connected using mobile shopping, personalized service and instant gratification.

These changes are giving rise to innovations around omni-channel retailing i.e. a multichannel approach to sales that seeks to provide the customer with a seamless shopping experience whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or a mobile device or a telephone. Mobile apps, customer data mining, responsive supply chains and cutting-edge in-store self-help technologies are in demand to support the retail industry.

SoftSages helps companies to serve better by cloud services and predictive analysis. Our CRM solution and Business Analytics & Intelligence integrate social data with market intelligence and store-specific analytics to provide rich, contextual insights. We help you elevate the complete brand experience and digital solutions across functions, including supply chain, logistics, and distribution.

Retail Overview

Retail segments which demand the solution are:

  • Grocery
  • Pharmacy
  • Department Stores
  • Apparel & Footwear
  • Mass Merchandise
  • Food Chain

Consumer Packaged Goods

Goods sector is the rapidly changing and we offer a comprehensive set of services this sector.

Goods Overview

Retail segments which demand the solution are:

  • SoftSages helps the companies in the industry to meet the demands of the skills.
  • The huge demand growth, investment and affordability, the changing role of customers and environment impact the future role of the industry.
  • The significant causes and the changes effecting the industry is rightly monitored by us to deliver the efficient solutions required for the industry.


Modernize media strategies to succeed in the digital age.

Accelerate productivity—and revenues—through innovative solutions that improve the visibility of orders, reduce unnecessary inventory, boost sales force automation and enable better reporting.

SoftSages helps automobile and discrete manufacturers ignite and realize their strategic goals. By aligning production processes with customer demands, we facilitate collaboration with suppliers for better returns. Our knowledge of manufacturing in emerging markets has resulted in multi-dealer, multi-lingual and multi-branch system deployments.

SoftSages helps industrial manufacturers transform their IT strategies through:

  • Supply- chain optimization streamlines processes for higher operational efficiency.
  • E-Procurement and ERP boosts productivity and lowers costs with supplier portals and scorecards, inventory and warehouse management, and production planning.
  • Customer and dealer management, multi-lingual dealer management systems and customer portals.
  • After sales services, warranty, service and spare- parts management.
  • Managing regulatory compliance documents, product information, website content and digital rights.

Travel Transport & Hospitality

Creating memories for the connected traveler.

Today’s connected travelers are empowered and they view the travel experience holistically. They demand high quality digital and mobile experiences, competitive pricing across the value chain and expect to be recognized and responded to in real time according to their preferences or concerns.

SoftSages delivers digital transformation and technology solutions and services for the ‘Travel & Hospitality’ industry that includes our Air Travel, Rail, Car Rental, Hotel & Leisure, Cruise Line and Travel Management Company (TMC) clients all over the world. We possess a strong understanding of Travel & Hospitality since our inception, about two decades back. Unlike most of our competition, we have instituted a dedicated leadership group for this industry, since the beginning, resulting in several large multi-year client partnerships.

We understand that good experiences are central to a memorable holiday or business trip and hence focus on customer journey mapping and experience. There is a growing need to think beyond selling seats and rooms in the industry. eHailing for car rentals, unbundling of inventory and ancillary sales are rapidly becoming the mainstay of offerings owing to the growing customer demands. Top priority for industry remains getting closer to the customer by delivering exceptional and differentiated services that can convert an indifferent passenger or guest into a loyal customer.

From ideation to execution, Global 2000 companies trust SoftSages and partner us through some of their most business critical programs that are:

  • Engaging travelers by implementing digital platforms.
  • Personalizing experiences by integrating data for better targeting and contextually aware experiences across channels.
  • Delighting customers by providing seamless integration across channels for the connected traveler.
  • Transforming core systems: by modernizing reservation and property management systems to help clients stay competitive.

Enterprise Software

Adapt quickly to changing software delivery models and Internet technologies.

Since their inception, software and Internet industries have evolved from disc-based software and dial-up connections, to delivering apps directly to mobile devices and providing cloud-based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technologies. In addition, these industries have shifted from a focus on local markets to a truly global perspective. In this environment, companies that can drive innovation and quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace are most likely to succeed. But without the technology expertise and a flexible development roadmap, they risk missing opportunities and losing customers to more nimble competitors.

At SoftSages, we help some of the world’s largest software and Internet companies support alternate business models like SaaS and Infrastructure-as-as-Service, ensure availability of products across a wide range of devices, and manage large volumes of data to enable insights that can drive business growth. Our experts collaborate with Independent Software Vendors and Internet companies to add innovative features, accelerate go-to-market strategies and streamline operations. With deep domain experience across healthcare, life sciences, financial services, real estate and retail industries, we help these companies stay ahead of a changing market and remain competitive. SoftSages helps software and Internet industry leaders drive innovation, adapt to changes and keep pace with an evolving IT environment through:

Adapt quickly to changing software delivery models and Internet technologies:

  • Cloud and SaaS Engineering, including cloud consulting, strategy, migration, management and operations.
  • Data and Business Analytics to capture, analyze, enhance, and view business information in support of corporate objectives.
  • Mobility Solutions that are device and technology agnostic, enabling users to create, share and consume information on the move.
  • Platform Migration strategies, planning and testing to ensure seamless migration from legacy to next-generation platforms.
  • Independent Testing to deliver defect-free solutions by efficiently and effectively predicting and managing the risks.

From increasing market reach for a pioneer in litigation and retention management, to engineering 800+ websites across 140 countries, Mindtree can help your organization achieve success in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Media & Entertainment

Modernize media strategies to succeed in the digital age.

The explosive growth of digital content is revolutionizing the media and entertainment industry. From downloading an e-book to streaming movies on a mobile device, real-time, mobile access to digital content has changed the way it’s being consumed. To lead in the digital age, media and entertainment companies need innovative IT strategies to track consumer behaviors, deliver timely content across multiple channels and explore new sources of revenue.

This means using technology solutions that enhance customer loyalty, monetize content to generate more revenue and streamline the media planning process. It also means exploring new IT strategies to gain a 360-degree view of customers, automate the media planning process, reduce lead time to production and track everything to the bottom line. The fastest way to get there is with an IT partner with emerging technology expertise and deep media and entertainment experience. Welcome to possible.

At SoftSages, we deliver IT solutions for the entire spectrum of media and entertainment organizations. We help these companies optimize publishing and rights management, editorial workflow and content management, the distribution of motion picture applications and mobile media enablement.

SoftSages helps media and entertainment companies succeed in the digital age through:

  • Re-Useable Business Intelligence Components to reduce lead time to production and deliver faster time to market.
  • Media Planning and Collaboration Platform enabling advertisers, agencies and broadcasters to collaborate and execute more structured campaigns.
  • Content Management to cost-effectively manage regulatory compliance, product information, media content and digital rights.
  • Core System Modernization to reduce maintenance costs, improve user productivity and enhance customer service.

SoftSages’s digital marketing teams develop content strategies and move seamlessly between traditional print and digital media to best fit the needs of media and entertainment organizations.