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It is a secure place to store and manage all the employee/candidate-related data that includes their documents, timesheets,leave forms, and basic information. It makes it feasible for the vendor to track candidate data and share the invoice with the client. Workforce makes the employee data management task simplified and trackable to the extent of sending reminders and raising concerns when the timesheets need to be filled, or the documents need to be renewed.

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A powerful email campaign tool to reach your customer at the right place, at the right time. Create gorgeous email campaigns using the inbuilt template builder. Measure results of campaigns to create custom customer journeys. An easy-to-use SaaS marketing tool for small and large businesses.


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One platform to manage, track and update your entire RFP data! Organizations dealing in the RFP domain are often flustered with the amount of data to handle manually, increasing the chances of error. RFP software is designed to cut down the manual efforts and automate the process. Its diverse features are dedicated to categorizing data in different sections that are easy to track and refer to. Also, it can generate detailed weekly and monthly reports that can display your growth throughout.

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