Product Development

At SoftSages, we deliver products that add value to your business. We focus on finding the problem and providing a solution.

Our expert & knowledgeable developers ensure that there is frequent testing done during the entire development cycle so as to find bugs & fix them quickly. We also keep you involved right from the start of the product development process.

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We follow software development methodologies such as Agile & DevOps which helps us to deliver the final product within the deadlines. We are not only working on popular technologies such as java, PHP & open source frameworks but also keep learning about new developments.




Our product development services cater to the various requirements of the clients and what they want to get integrated within the software. Some of these integrations and features are given in this section.


AI Search

The products that we develop are enabled with an AI search feature that provides a seamless and intelligent search experience.


Job Portal Integration

Job portals let you post new job profiles as well as search for the relevant candidates. We design products integrated with job portals that are enabled with high flexibility of search and post.


Bulk Mailing

The feature of bulk mailing lets you design big-scale email campaigns that can be easily distributed to the targeted audience.


Social Media Optimization

We provide advanced social media optimization services to develop the brand name and bring the product to fame in the domain market.


Custom Dashboard

The products built as CRM tools come with a customized dashboard that can be altered according to the client's requirements.


Invoice Management

Managing invoices is an integral part of any business, and we provide a multi-functional invoice management tool that makes the process easy.


Role-based Accessibility

To activate strict security on the Software Role-Based Accessibility is a mandatory feature wherein access controls are assigned to the users.


Report Generation

Our products can also actively generate a variety of reports that can bring systematic improvement to your daily work approach.


Document Integration

We build intelligent software stuffed with upgraded features that include document integration, letting you upload documents in any format.