Risk Management and Application Vulnerability Assessment

Our risk management approach involves identifying, evaluating, and prioritizing risks according to fixed guidelines. The process is followed by implementing synchronized and economical resources that help minimize, monitor, and control the chances or impact of drastic events that can disrupt the business ecosystem.

A vulnerability assessment is an overall review of an organization's security system detecting its weaknesses and lags. SoftSages Application vulnerability assessment is more targeted towards identifying security vulnerabilities in the source code of web applications through automated scans or dynamic/static analysis. Some of the most common threats that can be avoided with the implementation of vulnerability assessment are-

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Vulnerability Identification

We take a defined approach to identify application vulnerabilities and security weaknesses, after which we prepare a comprehensive list of all the lags that need to be targeted.


Risk Assessment

In Risk Assessment, we focus on prioritizing vulnerabilities. It involves security analysts assigning a rank or severity score to each vulnerability based on various factors.



Our security, development, and operations team work closely to mitigate the security gaps. They decide the most effective method for remediation of each vulnerability.


Vulnerability Analysis

Here we identify system components responsible for each vulnerability and its root cause.